Communication – The Life-Blood of Every Business Organization

2 08 2009

Considering the context of this paper, communication is the act of transmitting information, thought, opinion or understanding of speech, signs or any viable acts from a source to a receiver with a feed back.

Life-blood is defined as the thing that keeps strong and healthy and is necessary for successful development. In other words, life-blood is considered as a vital to sustain life or a life giving force.  From the above definitions, it can be deduced that communication is very important to the successful development of any Business Organization. It is an inevitable asset that organizations cannot do without.

Communication is important to business since work in business involves communication – a lot of it – because communication is a major and essential part of the work of business.  By improving communication ability, you improve your chances for success.  The communication short comings of employees and employers generally affect the productivity of an organization. The unavoidable importance of communication in business explains why the management of each organization should work to improve the company’s communication skills.  Whatever position you have in business, your performance will be judged largely by your ability to communicate.  If you perform and communicate well, you are sure of getting rewarded with much productivity.  And the higher you advance, the more you will need your communication ability.

All organized effort, including the work of business, requires communication because communication enables human beings to work together. Lack of proper communication suggests a poor human relation in a working environment.  Managers direct and coordinate through communication. Likewise, a well organized work force that maximizes productivity understands and utilizes effective communication.

Peter Drucker, a management consultant explained, the one basic skill is the ability to organize and express ideas in writing and speaking.  As soon as you move one step from the bottom, your effectiveness depends on your ability to reach others through the spoken or the written word which is a form of communication. This ability to express oneself is perhaps the most important of all the skills a person can possess.

For every business to grow, management needs to build up a proper communication skill between herself and the work force and the work force needs to establish a good relationship among each other. Indeed communication is the life-blood of every organization and institution that seeks increase in productivity. A lot of investment needs to go into building up effective communication for it pays.


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28 05 2012
athar farooq

i’ve read brilliant sentences here.

15 09 2012

Very important ideas

22 10 2013
kipkirui Ngeno

nice and good

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